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Healing Services

Kismet Energies puts her clients at the center of every service she provides. The connection to Source or Divine energy helps to determine the best service to honor the client on their spiritual journey. Kismet Energies does this with a heart-centered mindset – and with the best of intentions.

“Every soul is unique. Each soul is honored, held and treated with the utmost respect.”


Crystal Consultation

$100.00 / 30 Min

Have you been wondering about how to choose the right crystal? You may want to know just how to choose the right one for you. I use crystals in my daily life for healing purposes.


Distance Reiki

$100.00 / 30 Min

Distance Reiki sessions work because energy is not limited by distance. Sessions can be done without clients being physically present. We are all connected, as we are all energy matter and part of a larger whole.


Energetic Space Clearing

$200.00 / 60 Min

Please inquire about this unique modality which can make your home feel like your home again.


Intuitive Readings

$200.00 / 60 Min

An intuitive reading is a space for us to dig into the unseen portions of your life, being, path, and self. I tap into the energy which is around you and surface needed information to help you on your path.


Mediumship Readings

$200.00 / 60 Min

I act as a mediator between the physical and the spiritual world of where the departed lives. My gift is one of connection to the departed and translation of messages from the spirit world.


Business Readings

$400.00 / 90 Min

Not sure where to take your business next? My unique combination of Fortune 500 business strategy skills combined with intuition can help lead you to a profitable path.

They said

You are pure magic.


Amazing lady - I've been on a journey with her.


I know firsthand...she is amazing.


A gift to humanity.


Serin has a million gifts. Being a badass psychic is one of them.


You are amazing at what you do.


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